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IN and OUT ~ UP and DOWN ~ Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! ~ Get me out of here!

Yes!  I would have gladly traded places with my husband, below.  But, it was impossible.   I was directed to a cabin two decks above the main deck, up one set of stairs, reasonable, and the second very steep.  More like … Continue reading

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“WELL? Did you get aboard the ship? Did you GO?” was the first query I had from the first blog reader.

   “There is one chance,” the little clerk glowered, “You are to go see Major Drummond, the medical officer aboard the ship.  If he agrees, you might depart as the orders specify,” as he scribbled directions on a piece of … Continue reading

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GI family life long ago, “Take a Cruise.”

The favorite place I can find on a ship is the most foreward spot on the main deck where I can stand. The wind blows my hair and is fresh on my face. The wake splits in two at the … Continue reading

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This is my first post

This blog is intended to eductate

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